The 3 most common signs of registry problems


The Windows registry is core to the health of your PC, so whenever something acts up, it’s more or less a sign that your registry is having problems. Here are three of the most common symptoms of a error-ridden registry.

Slow startup, freezes and sluggish performance: If your PC takes what feels like a century to boot, encounters a lot of freezes and is just generally slow, you should check on the status of your registry.Problems when you install/uninstall programs: Your registry logs a key every time a program is installed. If you decide to uninstall a program at any point, there’s a relatively high chance that the procedure will not flush the key along with the program. Excess keys will cause a considerable lag in the way your PC runs.Files not opening: When a normal file like .doc or .jpg can’t open, it means there’s a problem in the registry forcing Windows not to recognize particular file types.

All of the above can be resolved with a registry cleaner like RegistryCleanerKit. Problems like these may seem huge, but you’d be surprised at how simple

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